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Drake Forever Cover

This video has been out for over a day now, but I have been waiting for a You Tube link to surface without the embedding being disabled. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any time soon, so I’m just going to provide a link to the video. The song is featured on the soundtrack for the movie More Than A Game, and the video features various clips of Lebron James over the course of his career. The one thing I like about the video is the way each rapper was shot rapping straight into the camera. It was nice to see that they could keep the flashy lights and glam of a hip hop video, and still focus on rapping itself. Check it out!

Drake ft. Lil Wayne, Eminem, & Kanye West – “Forever”


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Taylor Swift was on The View this morning, and spoke about the VMA incident between her and Kanye West. On a side-note, after this segment finished, West did call Taylor and apologized for what happened. She accepted.

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Nothing less than fantastic for P!nk. On a side note, I can not wait to see her live next week!

P!nk – VMA “Sober” Performance

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MTV Video Music Awards Show

This is so typical Kanye, and completely classless. Congratulations to Taylor Swift on winning Best Female Artist at the VMA’s! It doesn’t matter what people think, because it was her moment and she deserved to have it. I’m also going to post Beyonce sharing her moment with Taylor after she won Video Of The Year, because that is how you take the high road and maintain class. Kanye, you should take notes.

Kanye’s Outburst:

Beyonce sharing her moment with Taylor:

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Drake – “Fear”

drake 1

Most people know by now that Drake is releasing his mixtape So Far Gone in an album format, but only with a selected few songs. With these songs is going to be an exclusive new track on the album called “Fear”. After some anticipation of what this track is going to sound like you no longer have to wait until September 15th, when the album drops to find out. Here it finally is. Also, thanks to Drake’s blog October’s Very Own for posting it. Check it out below.

Drake – “Fear”

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